*What does Real Deal Cooking mean?*

 Real Deal Cooking Leiden makes dishes the authentic way – no shortcuts, no boxes, no powders.

When you order a Thai dish, you get it the way it’s served in Bangkok, not a westernised version we see in Europe.  When you order a Cajun meal, it’s gonna have real spices from the Bayou, the way it is supposed to be. We give you the Real Deal… 

 *What are DIY meal kits?*

Chef delivers a professionally prepped dining experience to you with simple instructions that you can prepare at home in 10 minutes or less.  Our delivery materials are recyclable and reusable!

You get a high-end restaurant quality meal in the comfort of your home, ordered in advance.

*Why do I order in advance?*

A romantic dinner at home? Maybe you’re just too busy this week and the family needs to get fed. Perhaps you have a tiny kitchen. Or you’re just looking for something authentic that the local restaurants don’t provide…

Book your date and time at least 24 hours in advance and make your life easier.  We’ll be there on time with a much better and healthier option.